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Our mobile vet service offers a wide range of veterinary services, including consultation, peaceful pet at home euthanasia, vaccinations, treatment of minor conditions such as ear infection or itchy skin. We are also able to carry out procedures such as blood test and surgeries at our Boondall Clinic.


We offer all types of consultations including eyes and ears check, skin and lumps check, vomiting and diarroea consult, urinary tract disease and others.  

Each consult is 30 mins in duration with no travel charges.


We understand it is not easy to say goodbye and we wish to create a final memorable moment for you with your pet.

We come to your home so your pet can stay with you comfortably during this final moment. Let us do the hard work and look after you and your pet.


We offer vaccination services for dogs and cats. Dogs and puppies require C3, C5 or canine cough vaccation. Cats and kittens require F3 and FIV vaccination depending on their lifestyle.

All vaccination consults include a physical examination.


Dogs can get heartworm disease from a mosquito bite. It is important to keep your dog on a heartworm preventative.

Heartworm injection is a convenient way to protect your dog without missing a dose. It is given as a yearly injection for adult dogs and slightly more frequently for puppies.



Pathology tests are vital diagnostic tools in veterinary medicine. Our vehicle is equipped to perform basic pathology tests such as blood sampling, urine test and skin cells testing.

With optimal health care our pets can live and enjoy their senior years.  For our senior pet consultation, we will pay particular attention to symptoms of age related illness such as dental disease, arthritis, kidney disease, hormonal disease and cancer. 


Puppies and kittens can be desexed as early as 5 - 6 months of age. There are many advantages to desex your pets. Desexing is a day procedure at our clinic. Transportation can be arranged if required.


Dental prophylaxis is important for your pets. You can arrange a dental check up for your pet with us. If a dental procedure is required, this can be done at our clinic. Transportation can be arranged if required.


We provide surgery services to our patients. Surgeries such as lump removal, stitch up bite wouds or more complex surgeries can be done at our clinic.


Xrays is an essential diagnostic tool for some medical conditions. If your pet requires xrays, we can arrange for it to be done at our clinic.

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